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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Bit short of pictures round here, never a good thing that as I learned in three years of cutting tutors' reading lists to manageable size, so here we are.


Nostalgia. Melted my shoes to the heating pipe under the pew in front of me during the school carol concert the year after I left.

Mmmm, like the heels.

mmmmmmmmmm, I like these. In fact, having wasted all afternoon I will have to ave one or three to re-establish my sanguity of mind upon returning home from attending La Santa Messa, which I propose to do now.

Reader, I recommend this site. Which I think Boeciana told me about. To whom, incidentally, my heartfelt and appreciative chocolatey thanks for the fact that I will be able to settle my sefl mentally when I get home.