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Monday, August 29, 2005


Will the Universal Indult be granted?
Is this true? I paste it below, from Cacciaguida, who got it from somewhere else:
But it gets even better: Pope Benedict personally pencilled in some changes -- changes not just to the English translation, but apparently to the Latin text of the Roman Missal. One of those changes is a return to TWO Confiteors instead of one. Also, it seems the Confiteor will return to something very close to the pre-1970 form* -- i.e., it seems that the names eliminated from the Confiteor's "litany" will be restored. (The seminarian wasn't sure on that point, because he didn't have the Missal translation in front of him at the time. I'll get to verify these things he's told me next week, and then I'll post a follow-up comment -- if any of this information is wrong, I'll correct it then.)
Well, given what happened to the liturgical abuses in most British churches after the Instruction on certain questions concerning the collaboration of the non-ordained faithful (i.e. nothing), what happebed to the liturgical abuses in at least one Edinburgh parish church after Redemptionis Sacramentum (i.e. nothing), and what has happened after all the hoo-ha about ICEL's long-overdue dissolution (where is this new translation?, we ask ourselves) etc etc ad nauseam, I am not getting too excited.
I'm still excited enough about the result of the conclave.