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Thursday, June 23, 2005

How Not to Evangelize

Scene: Boeciana happens to meet Devout, Protestant Schoolmate in cheapo seats at opera. Usual catching-up conversation ensues. Extract:

DPS: So, you're still at St N's [Church]?

B: Err... no. You see, I realised I had to become a Catholic.

DPS [good manners over-riding shock]: Oh! Right... So... how's that going for you, then?

B [flabber unaccountably gasted by question]: Um. Fine. Yes. I mean - it's true. Er... Complete breach with family less good, but, you know, whoever does not love father and mother, I mean, hate father and mother, and all that. Um.

DPS [back on safe ground]: Oh, right, so, how are your parents keeping?

Mutual reassurances of health ensue.

Oh yes, that's the way to share the joy of the fullness of faith...

The opera was pretty good, though.