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Monday, June 20, 2005

Spot the deliberate mistake

  • Spirituality, defined as a search for "a holy ground on which to stand" and from which "to exercise leverage on a world in need of transformation and hope", was another topic listed by the WCC general secretary as deserving collaboration. "Grounded on the fertile soil of our respective spiritual treasures, we could seek together a stable place of moral clarity and confidence amid today's turbulent human landscape of shifting values, uncertain hopes and crumbling commitments," Kobia suggested.
The World Council of Churches gives the pope a few suggestions for things to do. (Bet he was grateful.) Hidden in the above passage was a cunningly disguised reversal of priorities. Just to see if Benedict would notice.
(anyone up for designing UN-speak and ecumenico-speak and Vatican-speak sentence constuctors along the lines of this one? From here.)
found on the scottish christian thing, linked on the right.