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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Handy-looking thing from SPUC

SPUC offers profiles (link in post title) of the life-issues-related opinions of candidates in the general election. (Email to ask for one - they're not just online.) I was pointed to this by the SNP candidate here, who very promptly replied to an email asking him what he thought about abortion etc.. (So brownie points for that... Soon we'll see what his opinions actually are; consonant with his courtesy, I hope!) (Except I don't want to vote SNP... oh well, any individual pro-life candidate would be nice.) You'd have thought I might have looked at the SPUC website before bunging off emails to the candidates, but no, too obvious...

I'm not sure that the SPUC list takes Scottish constituency changes into account, though - Edinburgh Central is still listed.

Does anyone know what on earth the 'Death, Dungeons and Taxes' party is? It seems to have several candidates standing, but nothing is revealed by googling. Is it silly or scary?