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Monday, April 25, 2005

European Catholic-Orthodox Alliance

The Pontificator (award for longest posts, anyone?) has an interview with the Orthodox European equivalent of the Scottish bishops' Parliamentary Officer, who suggests that there should be some joint body for social-political type stuff.

I wonder what the row about the Uniates was?

He appears to be in the Moscow Patriarchate camp. The statements of the Patriarch of Moscow appear to equate better Orth-Cath relations with Catholics having only little "national" parishes in predominantely Orthodox countries, and not evangelising there.

Do they really, as he implies, agree with the Catholics on contraception?

I am hugely suspicious, largely (that is I would be suspicious anyway but this magnifies the suspicions by factor of around 40) because of his Moscow association, but despite my screaming suspicions am keen on the general idea. Anyone else?