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Thursday, February 03, 2005

In case anyone doesn't know.

(I was behind with Holyrood news as usual. I'm afraid it seems to me that following Holyrood politics - and I say this in a spirit of res-publican patriotism - is so dull as to be impossible - like that priest in the Father Ted Christmas special - "I'm sorry Father, I didn't follow you there; your voice was just too boring...")

A Lib Dem MSP is proposing a bill to legalise assisted suicide in Scotland. It is in the consultation process (pdf file there), and submissions are invited before 15th April this year. Masters of rhetoric, write your letters now - or, indeed, more pertinently, those possessed of the facts and a sensible manner of arranging them. (So simple yet so difficult...)

(While pootling around the Holyrood website, I also find a proposed bill to prohibit big shops opening on Christmas and New Year's Day. Opinions requested by Monday 7th, should you have any.)

The progress of evidence submitted concerning Lord Joffe's proposed bill can be followed here.