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Friday, January 28, 2005

"Stars and politicians seek Africa solution"

Final Solution, more like. (Yes, I am very aware that this is the 60th anniversary of the freeing of Auschwitz, yes, I've been there.)

"A PRIME minister, a former US president, the world's richest man and a rock star put the plight of Africa centre stage yesterday in a global effort to alleviate poverty and suffering." [link]
Another attempt to reduce the number of poor people by, um, reducing the number of poor people? Mr Gates' foundation gave, for example, 2.2 billion dollars to the United Nations Population Fund, for "supporting population and health projects worldwide". That same UNFPA in Kosovo. (More here, here, and here, for starters). Let's not forget the sterling work this UN agency does in China in support of the government's one-child policy. It must be all the rice that depresses women there: in one-fifth of the world's population there are 56% of female suicides. Couldn't be anything to do with forced abortions and sterilisations: in any case not a women's problem that the IPPF bothers to mention in its press releases on China. Indeed, the IPPF is one of the "major international agencies that have been extending cooperation to China", according to Madam Peng Yu, Vice Minister of the State Family Planning Commission of China. ["An Interview with Peng Yu, Vice Minister of the State Family Planning Commission." Integration, March 1994, p 32] The money the International Planned Parenthood Foundation lost when President Bush re-instated the "Mexico City Policy" (which denies US funding to any non-governmental organisation (NGO), US or non-US, engaged directly or indirectly in abortion-related activities internationally) was partly made up by the Gates Foundation. Before you criticise ole Bush for his action, let's consider some of the background of U.S. policy towards other people's families.Funny how little is said, when there is a rant about over-population, about the disproportionate amount of the world's resources used by the people who are funding the prevention of breeding among those who use little of them.

Nice to see some practical and less ideologically-dubious stuff mentioned in this Davos thing, like the mosquito net money.