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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Tom Howard. Lovely chap. Lovely wife. Lovely people. In fact I like him so much that I feel a bit nasty saying this, but: he can't write for toffee. Look at this.

Good gracious indeed! And tut tut into the bargain. Clearly Ms. O’Keefe has barked her shins against the same Eutychians, Apollinarians, Montanists, Monothelites, Circumcellions, Patripassians, Donatists, Arians, and Jansenists that I have (one has, oddly, had the off chance to vouchsafe the most dilatory glance at church history during one’s hebetude). Ms. O’Keefe will nonetheless
agree with my main point that these nettlesome irritants were never left in the interminable open forum of the laity to decide. She is quite right in pointing out that not every situation was as pat as the first apostolic council in Jerusalem (the topic being strangled things, etc.). It took poor Athanasius decades to pry Arianism off dead center.

(here, at the bottom)

He's retiring from teaching English. Who employed him in the frst place? Someone looking for a constant supply of prose to set their pupils as examples of how not to write? Or a mean Scrabble player?

Okay, finished bitching. Except about the fact that I can't get Blogger to indent and justify quotes at the same time.