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Saturday, January 15, 2005

Etiquette lessons from St Serf

… and so when St Servanus, sent to do the work of the Gospel, travelled round towns, forts and villages, and spread the Word of God, it happened that he and his clerks were put up one night by a certain poor man; who, giving God great praise for such great geusts, slaughtered his only pig for the saints’ dinner. St Servanus was moved by kindness, and in the morning [the pauper] found the pig which he had slaughtered for their food alive again in his yard, by the merits of St Servanus; and so, a guest in turn [?making] himself the host, the most holy father took leave of the poor man in peace.

It beats a bottle of wine from Tesco as a dinner-party present.

Text somewhat freely taken from Matins of St Serf in the Aberdeen Breviary (1510); the lectiones are probably based on this life (q.v. for more jolly miracles).

(The freedom is largely due to incompetent Latin (on my part I mean) - does anyone know what resiciens comes from? I can't seem to find resicio, or sicio for that matter; how dense am I being? And is that cum doing what I think it's doing? All corrections welcome...

Sanctus itaque seruanus cum in opus evangelii directus et villas castella et vicos circuiret et verbum dei seminaret / contigit ut ipse cum clericis suis apud quendam pauperem nocte quadam hospiterentur : qui de tantis hospitibus immensas deo referens laudes unicum suum porcum in refectione sanctorum ad eorum victum mactauit . Sanctus itaque seruanus pietate motus porcum quem ad suorum refectionem mantauerit in area sua meritis sancti seruani mane iam uinum reperit / sicque hospes hospitem alternatim se resiciens : pauperem sanctissimus pater in pace dimisit )