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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Warning: frivolous post

Since I have no interesting or intelligent thoughts on Limbo, John Paul II or Marxism, and can't think of anything intellectual or edifying to say - this would seem to be the perfect time not to post.

Ah. Oh well, carry on regardless -

On revisiting old haunts: Do not have a good reason to return to a place of past happiness in good weather. In a season of sun, sandstone, and snakes-head fritillaries, one is apt to forget all the good reasons why one left. That apart, I am very sorry to report that the ladies' loos in the Old Bod have been refurbished. In itself unexceptionable, you might think; but in fact this means that an ongoing bodice-ripper, among other quite interesting and remarkably non-obscene graffiti, has been tiled over and lost to the world. Alas. (Also the taps are irritating now. But that's less important.)

This post on the lovely Dress A Day is about professional dressing (can one wear a frock to work?), and relates vaguely to my ongoing concerns about what academic females are meant to wear. Tweed, mismatched ties and unbrushed hair looks fine on chaps. For ladies, it's trickier. Just one reason why academic gowns should be more widely used. Anyway. Possibly of interest to, well, women who work. Um.