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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Labas, labas, labas

The great thing about being British is that (unless you are Welsh) you can't be ethnically British. Britain is composed of four geographical nations which are themselves a hodge podge of Irish, Brythonic, Anglo-Saxon and Norman in varying combinations overlaid with less warlike European visitors and people from more distant countries exploited by the 'indigenous' UK population(s) in the more recent past. As a Habsburg enthusiast, this seems to me a very satisfactory arrangement. It ensures that while Welsh, Irish, English or Scottish identity is ethnic, British identity remains civic. Keep the ethnic and the civic at arms-length I say, or nasty things start happening.

There was a Party Political Broadcast for BNP Scotland on the TV last night. The production values were very low. The best they could manage was zooming out from various Glasgow tenements and flashing up words like 'deprivation' or 'unemployment' . Apparently nowadays even the BNP pretends it isn't racist. A Pyrrhic victory as it doubtless reflects the triumph of political correctness, which causes fascists to breed in the first place. Code for whites is now 'local people'. Other dog whistle techniques are attempted such as silhouettes of figures performing some kind of cod tribal dance while the speaker went on about 'local people' and their objections to immigration. Then there was an inexplicable flourish of sectarian flute music (hunnish dog whistling presumably). But perhaps this attempt at subtlety has a further cause. The BNP don't seem too keen on white immigrants either nowadays especially when they are Popish Slavic untermenchen. Thus bigotry has to roam a little further than the traditional colour-based system.

All this reminded me of a conversation I had on my way back from Poland a few months ago. I was in a taxi in Aberdeen on my way to my flat from the airport. The taxi driver asked me where I had come from. "Warsaw" I told him. He then proceeded to tell me how his area of Aberdeen had been ruined by Poles moving in and opening good quality value- for-money delicatessens all over the place (bastards). He complained that they were taking all the jobs and leeching off the benefit system. He expressed his admiration for the BNP and predicted an imminent revolution to save us all from the hoards of immigrants. I pointed out that EU citizens from accession countries can't claim benefit so that any Poles he saw must either be contributing to the economy or starving to death, that if the 'local people' were having enough children and hard working enough there would be no jobs available and no one would come, and that the alternative to Poles was largely Islamic. This last point seemed alarming enough for him to start backtracking. Colour, it seems, has not lost all its force. I doubt if his sudden grudging appreciation for Poles was inspired by theological concerns. Yet the rather backhanded way in which the victory over the taxi driver was won rather took the satisfaction out of it.

It is quite disturbing that the BNP now have enough candidates to entitle them to a Party Political Broadcast. This comes at the same time as the SNP look set to gain power. I have also noticed increasing numbers of boards set up on lamp-posts with saltires painted on them with a 'P' in the top quarter. I am told that this does not represent a commemoration of the seventeen hundredth anniversary of Constantine's acclamation as Emperor, but is the logo of a Scottish nationalist terrorist group which wants to drive English people across the Tweed or into the sea (whichever is nearest). Sadly they have no plans to drive themselves back into the sea and give Albany back to the Welsh. I was arguing about the SNP with a friend last year who insisted that the Nationalists are Socialists of conviction rather than opportunists who move to whichever part of the political spectrum is most likely to get them a majority. Given the BNP's apparent concern for full employment for 'local people' perhaps BNP-Scotland, the SNP and the Socialist Workers Party could get together to form the Scottish National Socialist Workers Party. Us Anglo-Saxons, Slavs and Balts could flee south together before we are murdered in our beds.

Anyway, on a happier note here is a nice article from the Guardian (sorry) in which the proper reaction to Central/Eastern European population transfusion is exemplified by a friendly Norfolk policeman.