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Friday, December 08, 2006

Maria Immaculata, ora pro nobis!

Hale, sterne superne, hale, in eterne,
In Godis sicht to schyne;
Lucerne in derne for to discerne
Be glory and grace devyne.
Hodiern, modern, sempitern,
Angelicall regyne,
Our tern inferne for to dispern,
Helpe, rialest rosyne.
Ave Maria, gracia plena.
Haile, fresche flour femynyne,
Yerne us guberne, virgin matern,
Of reuth baith rute and ryne.

[Hail, heavenl star, hail (you who will) shine in God's sight for eternity; Light (by which) to see in darkness by glory and grace divine. Today, current, eternal, queen of angels, to drive away our infernal gloom, help, O most royal rose; Ave Maria, gratia plena; Hail, fresh flower of womanhood; govern us diligently, O virgin mother, root and bark of pity.]

Haile, yhung benyng fresche flurising,
Haile, Alphais habitakle.
Thy dynf ofspring maid us to syng
Before his tabernakle.
All thing maling we doune thring
Be sicht of his signakle,
Quhilk king us bring unto his ryng,
Fro dethis dirk umbrakle.
Ave Maria, gracia plena.
Haile moder and maide but makel,
Bricht syng, gladyng our languissing
Be micht of thi mirakle.

(Hail, young gracious fresh flower; Hail, Alpha's dwelling-place. Thy worthy offspring gave us cause to sing bfore His tabernacle. All evil things we overthrow at the sight of His sign; May that king bring us to his kingdom, out of death's dark shadow. Ave Maria, gratia plena. Hail, mother and mid without spot, bright sign, gladdening our languishing by the power of thy miracle.)

Haile, bright be sicht in hevyn on hicht,
Haile, day sterne orientale,
Our licht most richt in clud of nycht,
Our dirknes for to scale.
Haile, wicht in ficht, puttar to flicht
Of fendis in battle,
Haile, plicht but sicht, hale, mekle of mycht,
Haile, glorius virgin, hale
Ave Maria, gracia plena.
Haile, gentil nychttinglae,
Way stricht, cler dicht, to wilsome wicht
That irke bene in travale.

(Hail, thou bright to see in high heaven; hail, day star in the east, Our truest light in night's cloud, to disperse our darkness. Hail, valiant in battle, putter to flight of feinds in the battle, Hail, unseen anchor, hail, O great of might, Hail glorious Virgin, hail. Ave Maria, gratia plena! Hail, gentle nightingale; straight way, clearly marked, for the wandering man weary of travail/travel [cunning pun!].)