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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

thesis out of my hands

Now only the wrath and/or ridicule of the examiners remains to be faced. Hah.

Filling in the gaps on the acknowledgements page:

Thanks to the Most Holy Trinity for my creation and baptism, and constant mercy, however much I despoil His handiwork;
and to the Most Blessed Virgin, St Joseph and St Michael;
and to my poor old Guardian Angel, who is kept busy;
and to my dear friends and patrons,
St Andrew
St Mary Magdalene
St John Ogilvie
St Francis and St Claire
St Helena
St Dominic
St Albert
St Thomas Aquinas
St Catherine of Siena
St Therese of Lisieux
St Faustyna Kowalska
St Margaret of Scotland
St Triduana
St Baldred

and probably lots of other people who have kept me out of (more) trouble by their prayers, and done me more good than I am remotely aware of.