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Saturday, November 19, 2005

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(***Tremendously exciting addition - if you turn up a wee bit early, you can have tea and biscuits before Fr Neil's talk!!!***)
All our Scottish-domiciled readers, especially those within striking distance of Edinburgh (which is probably all of you), are warmly invited to an event to be held by

Living Scotland

Saturday, 19th November, 2005
The Vigil of the Feast of Christ the King

St Catharine's Convent, 4 Lauriston Gardens, Edinburgh.

Fr Neil Ferguson OP
will speak on
'Incarnation and Mercy'

Vigil Mass of Christ the King
(Novus Ordo, to be celebrated in Latin)

Cheese (etc), wine (etc), sociability.

Living Scotland is a pro-life association for Catholics, with the aim of establishing the Kingship of Christ in Scotland by bringing all social and civil life into conformity with the natural and revealed law of Christ and of His Church. Cf press reports on earlier activity here (scroll down a bit) and here, and this previous post.

For further information please e-mail livingscotland [at] youthforlife.net , or ring 07754292696.
(Or get in touch with one of the laodiceans, if you already have our details.)
You are all very welcome to come! Note that, if you don't stay in Edinburgh, you'll be able to get the last train home to Weegieland, Fife, the Grim North, etc; excuses concerning new fields and wives are also not acceptable...