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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

psychoanalysis "still" spurned

What kind of cruddy sloppy writing is this? Unless they are deliberately making fun of this woman.
In another installation, Hannah Froehlich of the Jewish community in Vienna tells of her efforts to draw public attention to the suffering of her community.
Her manner is in turn wry, humorous and sad as she tells how Viennese society still fails to face its past. She says Sigmund Freud's psychoanalysis is still often scorned in his birthplace.
Despite my recent alpha-equivalent for psychology, I am no expert in the field, but is she not rather behind the times as far as Froyd's reputation goes?
This from a Beeb article about anti-semitism and Jewish musuems etc in Vienna. There is a nice wee bit about Unwin the publishers:
One installation, "Phaidon Presses in Exile," tells how the English publisher George Allen and Unwin managed to buy the Viennese art press before it was confiscated by the Nazis. The press families then escaped to England, and Phaidon's work of publishing high-quality art books continued.
Tolkien, whose books Unwin published, wrote to some German publisher who was interested in putting out a German version of The Hobbit but wanted to make sure they were publishing the right kind of author, wrote a draft reply:
I regret that I am not clear as to what you intend by arisch. I am not of Aryan extraction: that is Indo-Iranian; as far as I am aware none of my ancestors spoke Hindustani, Persian, Gypsy, or any related dialects. . . Your enquiry is doubtless made in order to comply with the laws of your own country, but that this should be held to apply to the subjects of another state would be improper, even if it had (as it has not) any bearing whatsoever on the merits of my work or its sustainability for publication, of which you appear to have satisfied yourselves without reference to my Abstammung.
Now I will go and live my life instead of randomly surfing the web.