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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Tartaglia autobiography

From a Google cache of an old parish website:
I am Father Philip Tartaglia. I am honoured to be the 21st Parish Priest of St.Mary's [Duntocher], and have held this office since 1995. Over the years this parish has been served by many fine priests.

My immediate predecessors since the end of World War II were Father Thomas Cunningham (1987-95), the late Canon Jeremiah O'Flynn(1967-87) and the late legendary Canon James Hogan (1945-67).

Of Italian extraction, I was born in Glasgow in 1951. I trained for the priesthood in the Scots College, Rome and studied philosophy and theology at the Gregorian University, Rome. I was ordained in 1975 and graduated Doctor of Sacred Theology in 1980.

After serving for a year in Our Lady of Lourdes Parish, Glasgow, I taught dogmatic theology at St.Peter's College, the seminary of the ecclesiastical province of Glasgow, and, after its closure, at Chesters College, the Scottish interdiocesan seminary, where I was also Rector from 1987-93.

When Chesters College amalgamated with Edinburgh's Gillis College, I was transferred and served for two years as Assistant Priest at St.Patrick's, Dumbarton (1993-95). In September 1995 I became Parish Priest in St. Mary's, Duntocher. I continued to teach theology part-time from 1993-97. From 1987-94, I was also visiting lecturer in theology at the Divinity Faculty of Glasgow University. In all, I taught theology in part time and full time capacities for 17 years.

I was a member of the Theology Commission (later Commission for Doctrine & Unity) of the Scottish Catholic Bishops from 1980-97. During those years I also represented the Scottish Catholic Church on the Joint Commission for Doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church and the Church of Scotland and was for many years its Co-Convener. I also served during that period on the Joint Roman Catholic-Scottish Episcopal Study Group.

From 1983-88, I was the Scottish Catholic representative on the British Council of Churches Study Group on Trinitarian Doctrine from 1983-88, an especially instructive experience. Finally, I was one of the representatives of the Scottish Catholic Bishops in the formation process of the ecumenical body ACTS and served on its Faith & Order Committee until 1997.

Since 1997, my energies have been dedicated more or less exclusively to my parish, apart from the occasional foray into the academic world I formerly inhabited.