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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

A Tab with something to say...

This is a very interesting interview with Tracey Rowland where she lays out a most perceptive distinction between Whig 'Thomists' (see link to 'Provincial Capitalist Entrist Conspiracy') and Augustinian Thomists and assigns to the latter camp the Supreme Pontiff now gloriously reigning. I must say (while I am far from agreeing with everything I have read of Miss Rowland or admiring everyone she seems to admire) these comments are spot on. These bloody Neo-Cons with their plan to turn the Church into a chaplaincy to the Project for a New American Century may in the long term be far more dangerous than the Liberals. Anyone who calls himself an Augustinian and isn't a Thomist is deluding himself and anyone who calls himself a Thomist and isn't an Augustinian has betrayed his master. Also see... Part 1