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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Summarize Proust Competition!

Thousands and indeed hundreds to be won! Guaranteed. Delivery to be arranged. All you have to do is provide a summary of one of the topics below in not more than 100 words. I was looking through my exam topics and thought this would be an amusing project. You get points for compression, wit, and memorability.

And possibly hundreds and thousands in consequence of the extra points.
  • Luther's Appearance and the Development of Protestantism to 1555
  • Calvinism (history thereof, chums, not theology per se)(too easy to laugh at the latter)
  • Protestantism on Polish Territory
  • Reception of the Council of Trent in Poland
  • The Enlightenment - characterise it - and the birth and dev of Freemasonry
    (not allowed to say Bugnini)
  • French Rev
  • The Concordat of the Holy See with Napoleon (did you know there was one?)
  • Endarkenment in, you've guessed it, Poland
  • Situation of the Church in the Prussian, Austrian and Russian Partitions to 1815, and 1865-1914 (two summaries)
  • The Vienna Congress, creation of the Congress Kingdom (Aelianus, I need my Davis after all . . .)

Bonus points

  • Church on social questions - Ozanam, Lepley, Kettler
  • A fun one - Positivism, the modernist crisis and the genesis of theological errors (mariatism, Polish Catholic Church in the US) You weren't expecting the bit in brackets, were you?