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Saturday, April 30, 2005

Dominican informed on Wojtyla?

A Polish priest has been named as one of those informing on the then Karol Wojtyla to the Poish internal security service. The IPN, the institute that has care fo teh records, did not contact Fr Hejmo OP in any way before the president publicly named him. Nor has there been a full presentation of the evidence. Fr Hejmo denies co-operation, though he says he may well unwittingly given information. A friend here who knew Fr Hejmo in Rome says he is a fountain of Vatican gossip, of which he had a great deal, being in charge of organising papal audiences for Polish pilgrims to Rome. A Polish Dominican says much the same thing in an interview today in Gazeta Wyborcza.

The Bishops' Conference and the IPN are apparently talking about how to proceed with the examination and publication of documentation relating to clerics who worked with the security services. They intend to examine each case, decide which were cases of genuine collaboration and which not, which names should be published and which not. Shame that the IPN couldn't wait. The tabloids have JUDAS in huge letters across their front pages. This whole expose of agents is not being conducted in the most civilised way, and poor Fr Hejmo is another one convicted without trial and thrown to the mob.