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Friday, April 15, 2005

bizarrely amusing (and made more so by Eighteenth-Century Capital Letters)

Aelianus is a Large Robot that occasionally Explodes, is fitted with a Bulldozer Blade, makes Toast, has Two Bicycle Wheels, and runs on Alcohol.
(Force: 9 Handling: 2 Weaponry: 0)
Build your Battle Robot.

berenike is a Robot that is fitted with an Electric Drill and a Gatling Gun, Hovers Eerily Above the Ground, has Gold Trimming, is covered with Flammable Fabric, and runs on Coal.
(Force: 6 Handling: 4 Weaponry: 5)
Build your Battle Robot.

Boeciana is a Robot that is fitted with a Bladed Claw, has Two Bicycle Wheels, Sharp Corners and Wooden Panelling, and runs on a Single Watch Battery.
(Force: 5 Handling: 5 Weaponry: 2)
Build your Battle Robot.

I'm very fond of the robot produced for my real name (not to be revealed to the general public, which might thereby steal my soul): 'a Tiny Robot that is Powered by Cold Fusion, is fitted with a Spring-Loaded Boxing Glove, a Sink Plunger and a Death Ray, has Dodgy Steering, and Hops Around on Single Leg.'

Genius. Note also Giant Battle Monsters and surreal products.