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Tuesday, December 21, 2004


Preliminary survery results suggest that all public toilets in the USA are
equipped with a gap on one or both sides of the cubicle door: whether this
is for the entertainment of those in the queue (for looking into) as
believed by Mr Twit, or for that of those on the potty, (for looking out
of), is not yet established. Scientists are also puzzled by the provision
of a bath-sized quantity of water to pee into, which in some cases prevents
the adoption of the standard "silent peeing" techniques of Old World toilet
users that were developed for use with the Central European "sample
collection shelf" toilet or the "handy slope at the front or back" model
common in the UK and much of West-Central Europe. Old World users in the
USA have been observed (through the "observation gap") adopting innovative
ways of dealing with the problem. A further stage in the project will be to
discover whether noisy peeing is considered something to be avoided by
natives, and if so, how they avoid it.