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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

VisitScotland dumps B+B over stand on gay couples

I suppose the B+B chap could have been more tactful in his commuications, but I got the impression from the article in the Observer that the correspondence went on some time, and we don't know what the guys wrote to him . . . If they were dumping him for not being suffiently obsequious, that would be one thing. However, in effect he is being forced to conform to a moral standard he disagrees with. The Observer article says he was willing to give them a twin room. No judgement there, though if folk want to get up to stuff I don't imagine lack of a double bed will ever stop them. However, it is an attempt to force people not to tolerate other "lifestyle choices", but to condone and approve them. That is not acceptable. That is an attempt to force people's consciences.

is the link to the Scottish TV story.