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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Dissent allowed? On the implementation of the Vatican instruction about excluding homosexuals from seminaries

An interesting but worrying account by Fr Neuhaus of the response to the Vatican instruction banning access to the priesthood to homosexuals, and the oncoming response to this response, has been published in First Things: 'Truce of 2005'.

My gut feeling is that life can be hard and no one ever said that striving for holiness is to be easy and leaders need to be as hard on themselves as they need to be on their flocks - so if those responsible for seminaries and religious orders, out of a soft mushy pseudo-compassion, can't be manly enough to tell young men who are not emotionally mature enough to be husbands and fathers that they are also unfit for the priesthood, then they are ill equipped to be of service to poor laity who come up against pressure to contracept, marital breakdown, saying no to re-marriage, 'crisis pregnancies' and the like, not to mention the day-to-day toil of etching out a living. And what can be said of all those young girls who fall in love with young men who are still mama-boys and need to address the shortfalls of their loved ones in time in order to avert future turmoil before it is too late and they end up left alone as abandoned wives? Life is such that twenty-year old girls are often faced with harder decisions than that which the Vatican instruction asks bishops to face up to! We need manly priests - and so all the more manly bishops - please, please, non abbiate paura!