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Friday, February 17, 2006

The Dignity of Motherhood and Radiance of Fatherhood (God's included): what it requires of us?"

Any commments on the following precis of a paper in draft? Thank you.

We can't escape (even if so in error as to want to) from the facts:
1. that motherhood can not and should not be severed from fatherhood and that both, being gifts, have great dignity just as life has dignity,
2. and that motherhood and fatherhood together are special 'sacraments' (reflections of unseen Grace) of God's Fatherly love (in His image he created them) ,
3. and derive their inalienable intrinsic dignity from no less than God (not from the State, consensus or any such thing) .
.....HENCE the ramifications of 'braking asunder" what "God has put together" (eg. motherhood from fatherhood, the marriage bond, the procreative from unitive aspects of sexual love, procreation from the marital embrace context, body language from love etc...) has such deep and far-reaching destructive ramifications as can be observed, and comprises one of the most dehumanizing phenomena of our world... (it strikes at - affronts - the core (not incidental, periferal, 'purely-spiritual-if-such-a dimension-at-all-exists") meaning of human sexuality and human dignity as most fully realised in the gift of self).
The world at large is beginning to see, sometimes, that the truth lies in this direction and hungers for this truth so much - this truth which the Church has never lost = so it is our mission to carry it forth... we can't expect anyone else to do so for us - and let's use our treasuries of tradition in this regard to do our job well (examples of some such treasures).