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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Women, women...

Help - I'm trying to draw up a conference plan on feminism that will result in nice published conference proceedings, lots of media noise and lots of new thinking among new people... The conference won't be in Britain, but please, please, I need comments (quick):

My thoughts at present are to put things as follows:

What women want?

1. an evaluation of the past : From Joan of Arc to Ginger Spice

2. thorough discourse: The methodology of Gender Studies examined - an important Professor name to deliver paper

3. status, achievement or warmth and normality?: a literary analysis (eg. Jane Austen's heroines...)

4. freedom : free will in shackles - the psychological conditioning of modern feminism (manifold psychological shackles of key feminist figures)

5. rehabilitation of emotionality, intuition and feminine rationality (dignified medical treatment, labour wards etc. and respect for maternal intuitions)

6. physical contacts without consequences? (the trap of falsified physical unity in contraception - sexuality devoid of its meaning)

7. normal motherhood at its appropriate time (the problems of the 'granny generation' wanting to realize themselves as mothers - big problem in Central Europe)

8. appreciation of feminine roles and the time they devote to others : "Cheap women destructive to the economy" - a definition of just wage (Leo XIII) and interrelationships between earnings, household expenditure, accomodation costs and demographic trends

9. humanised space : architectural and artistic affronts to / affirmations of human dignity and women's dignity in particular - beauty, hope and modernity

10. masculine men - Facing men with the challenge of openness to life

11. right to femininity and compassion: Lady Macbeth as an icon of modern woman (understanding the ramifications of the culture of Death)

12. due attention to Our Lady: her place as bride of the Holy Spirit and mother of Christ, her Fiat and the centrality of the mystery of the Incarnation