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Tuesday, December 20, 2005



A feminist complaint - and suggestion

Africa is not in the best of ways with AIDS rampant, 600 000 African mums a year needlessly dying from lack of basic care in childbirth: many far too young and malnurished for it to be acceptible that men should have at all touched them... Many birth complications and a lot of horrendous suffering is caused by horrible practices (circumcision, IUDs, child marriages etc.) just aimed at maximalising the deviant sexual gratification of men, men, men... or caricatures thereof. And if the problems weren't great enough, the smug West is proposing... just more fuel for the fire of fornication: stupid plane-fulls of condoms making it even more acceptable to let all loose on the poor women and falsely lulling that self-preservation instinct that may still be there holding men back from killing themselves through nights with Venus.

Perhaps it would do to address some real needs and not just 'support' those passionate-all-embracing-irresistible-uncontrollable(!)-blood-hot appetites of societies who need to be mustering all the energies they can to get out of their poverty rather than squandering it from orgy to orgy.

If we have any respect for the humanity of Africans, we need to let mothers be mothers, men be men, fathers be fathers - that's where our support is needed. Training Birth Attendants, teaching NFP, setting up birth trauma centers...not dishing out dubious contraceptives. (No pity for the dying orgy fire - it's doomed, anyway.)

Some are trying to do some good, though: see: www.matercare.org.
Any supporters / donors / development aid funders / volunteers out there?